Local Recommendations


  • If you’re in need of a car rental, check out Just Sun Jeeps. They’re a small family-run operation with clean, well maintained cars. You can reserve right on their website. No matter who you reserve with, we recommend you get your rental car on St. John rather than on St. Thomas. Since Hurricane Irma, we are down to two barges (car ferries), and it’s not uncommon for one to break down or be pulled out of service for inspection, meaning you could be waiting hours to get to St. John with your car, or worse, you could miss your flight while waiting for the barge to bring you and your rental car back to St. Thomas.
  • If you want to treat yourself to a massage while you’re on island, give Aaron Payne of Escape Massage & Bodywork a call at 843-295-3261. He’ll come to you with his massage table and all the tools of his trade. A great way to relax during your vacation!
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